About Us

What We Do

SOMM is a family owned and operated South Australian fine wine distributor established in 2018. We specialise in selling premium South Australian wine to wine bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and independent retail businesses. We set ourselves apart from other Adelaide wine distributors as we solely represent premium family-owned wineries from South Australian wine growing regions. We have a strong representation of all key varietals from key regions without over-crowding our portfolio with wineries from each growing region. This allows a greater focus on, and relevance for, each of the wineries we represent.

SOMM is an abbreviation of ‘Sommelier’, the French title for a restaurant’s wine waiter. The name SOMM represents our core values, direction and ethos; to build small brands and sales through the ‘on-premise’ (restaurant) market, which allows consumers to taste and drink our wines by the glass. This builds awareness, loyalty and sales that flow into the independent retail sales channel. As directors and founders of SOMM, we have drawn on our past experience working in and managing small restaurants and independent retail in the greater Adelaide area.

Our culture is customer-focused. We have vast experience working in all aspects of the South Australian wine market which means we understand the needs and wants of the South Australian wine public, and hence the needs of our customers. We deliver reliable and efficient service, and relevant wine products in order to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

We are SOMM. We look forward to working with you.