“The G” Barossa Grenache 2018

Once “The G” is discovered it can never be forgotten… Grenache is the hidden variety of the Barossa, it’s almost been a secret until now. This unsung hero is 100% Grenache, juicy and generous…did I mention it’s also vegan friendly? It’s only just medium bodied, which, when combined with the bright acidity and the complex but fresh aromatic makes it such a refreshing and enjoyable drink, that can be enjoyed with almost any food! “Grenache is part of our DNA at Teusner. It’s our blood. The first wine we ever made, 2002 Joshua, 65% Grenache. Our mates said we were mad – “no one even knows what Grenache is, you’ll never sell it” they told us. Didn’t matter. Made it anyway. Now one of oursignature wines. Love the stuff. Over 130 years of provenance in the Barossa can’t be wrong. Surely?”